Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Dwayne Johnson Skyscraper Film Review - When You Build The World's Tallest Building There Has To Be A Backstop - And He's Standing Behind You - But Don't Look Down Yet

I saw Skyscraper when it came out last month, and it's not one for those who don't like heights, but Dwayne Johnson's The Rock takes them all in one giant stride. Even when, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, our army vet Will Sawyer is left an amputee after an FBI hostage situation goes bang. But he meets the lovely kick ass army surgeon Neve Campbell in A&E, so some things are just meant to be.

Two children later and our happy family decamp to Hong Kong where Will is pitching to run the security on the newly built 225 storey Pearl skyscraper. Given a leg up by former army pal Ben, played by Pablo Schreiber. One of the good guys he arranges for the family to go enjoy Hong Kong while Dad is doing the business. And they are even given the penthouse suite to stay in. Some sweet deal.

The Pearl's owner is played by huge Asian star Chin Han, he's so proud of his building, and it is a wonder. Will gets the job, and the all important security codes to control the building's safety systems. And of course someone steals them. But you know it's not good form to beat a cripple with his own leg.

And when the building starts to burn then it's poor Will of course who gets the heat. But hang on, Will's family are back from the zoo, so why would someone set fire to a building with his own family on the top floor? There must be someone else involved thinks local police chief Inspector Wu, played by Byron Mann. And our Will is a devoted Dad so he's going to try to save them with death defying stunts. All undertaken by lookalike cousin Taonoai Reed. Hang on whose The Rock then?

With a cast of baddies, copious amounts of duct tape, and the aforementioned Neve Campbell protecting her kids, this is one towering inferno that isn't going quietly.

The special effects are very special, the drop very long, and Dwayne Johnson proving he's just about the best Dad ever, in a burning summer movie riding high at the box office.

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