Wednesday, 18 July 2018

MAC Cosmetics Oh, Sweetie Patisserie Lip Colour - A Limited Edition Whipped Mousse Sugar Frosted Lip Collection With Caro Daur

A limited edition still going strong at MAC Cosmetics is Oh, Sweetie lip colours in frosted patisserie flavours. It's what summer was made for with Caro Daur.

Sweet scented in 15 shades.

They sound good enough to eat: and smell as their namesakes.

Funfetti Cake – think Ben & Jerry's Birthday Cake ice cream white frosting and multi-colours.
Gumdrop – bubble gum pink pearls.
Creamy Peach Pie – peach with pink pearl.
Raspberry Pavlova – raspberry bright fuchsia.
Sugar Cookies – sugar opalescent pink.
Purple Panna Cotta – a creamy lilac.
Banana Muffins – banana scented orange metallic.
Strawberry Mousse – strawberry pink with golden shimmer.
Raspberry Cream – raspberry scented and fuchsia with blue pearls.
Death By Chocolate – chocolate burgundy.
Coconut Macaroon – coconut pinky beige.
Caramel Sugar – caramel scented chocolate brown metallic.
Strawberry Torte – strawberry bright candy apple red.
Key Lime Trifle – lime scented and a bright green. I dare you!
Wild Berry Frosting – a cotton candy blue.

MAC Cosmetics Oh, Sweetie Patisserie Lip Colour. £15.50 at MAC and Selfridges.

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