Monday, 9 July 2018

If Only Dominic Raab Had Held Out Longer He Could Be Foreign Secretary After Boris Johnson's Resignation

Having hammered out her Brexit plan at Chequers on Friday, and watching her try to sell it in The House of Commons today, it was quite clear Theresa May has achieved nothing, and in doing so pleased no one. One side of her face doesn't know what the other side is saying. She thinks it's a good deal when in fact its nothing more than what we have now, and in fact considerably less. Different words that are just new ways of saying the same thing. The Common prayer book is what she actually needs rather than the EU Common Rule Book she talks about.

But the saddest face was probably Dominic Raab, he isn't a nice man, who after accepting David Davis's Brexit Secretary job earlier in the day, could a few hours later have been Boris Johnson's successor as Foreign Secretary. And poor Liam Fox was shiftily sat on his hands, undecided as to whether he should stand up for his principles, (he has none), shoot himself in the foot and resign, or hang on for the possibility of the Foreign Secretary job.

Whatever happens the Tory party is almost finished having ripped themselves and the country apart.

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