Sunday, 15 July 2018

Disney's The Incredibles 2 Film Review - A Fun And Bright Mission Impossible Of A Movie With Pixar Back With The Skintight Costumes - Who Knew A Kim Kardashian Style Butt Would Have So Much Face Time

Life has not been kind to Pixar's The Incredibles 2; all superheroes are now illegal, and after their home was destroyed in the original film, the family are homeless, as well as jobless, and living in a motel room temporarily provided for them by their former boss. After a disastrous superhero failure with The Underminer, he does what it says on the can, Mr Incredible fears he may face a future where he's selling insurance again. But if all that wasn't bad enough, daughter Violet, terrifically voiced by the great Sarah Vowell, has been seen in her superhero outfit by the boy who invited her to the cinema. Quelle horreur. This image can be erased. But not the problems of the Parr family.

But a tech guru and his sister, the Deavors, have other ideas. They want to bring Superheroes in from the cold, and they think that Holly Hunter's Elastigirl is just the superhero they need to make it happen. (No way can she be 60!). Helen is going to be the bread-winner. Much to the chagrin of husband Craig T Nelson's Mr Incredible. He's reluctantly all prepared to be a stay-at-home Dad and let Elastigirl fight crime. Especially when they are offered a new home belonging to Bob Odenkirk's Winston Deavor. A James Bond style fantasy house with indoor pools and waterfalls, and animated with reference to the house in Blake Edwards's The Party.

Son Dash, voiced by Huck Milner loves the new house, and in typical boy style tries out all the gadgets. Helen even gets a brand new ride, an impossible bike created just for her elastic body. Similar to what she used to ride, so much we don't know about them. And created by Winston's sister Evelyn, an inventor voiced by Catherine Keener. And it goes like an out of control rocket train.

Meanwhile Bob is home with the kids, when did maths get so complicated? I know the feeling. Whatever happened to long division? And Violet has been stood up, oops Bob, see earlier. And then he sees his old superhero car on tv. Now bought by a rich guy, but although he's bought it no one actually knows how it works. Rich boys and their toys.

But maybe Bob's got more problems when Jack-Jack starts exhibiting his own super powers. We know he has them, but the family have never seen them before. A racoon at the trash can gets to enjoy the full show. Just like Scrat in Ice Age he's a little star. And of course Jack-Jack needs his own costume. Enter Edna who is not much pleased with a baby at her house, but you know how cute fire breathing monsters can be...she'll make it work. Darling Brad Bird again voicing Edna with sarcasm and charm. And also directing of course.

Meanwhile Elastigirl is introduced to a new brand of superhero, these are Marvel rejects from the look of them. Reflux is an interesting super power but hey they're ever so keen. And when Screenslaver, a new super villain creates havoc by hypnotising everyone with their tv and computer screens, well it's upto Helen to find him and save the day. But were plural here so expect the cavalry.

Terrific fun for adults and the kids in the audience Friday afternoon thought it was a hoot. Maybe it was their first Incredibles whereas we have waited patiently for this sequel! Incredible animation as usual, if only real hair could be that glossy.

And who knew Kim Kardashian's butt would feature so prominently, now we know who she is modelled on. She would look good in Elastigirl's outfit for Halloween. Just you wait.

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