Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Chaumet Lumières Célestes Diadem Set - A Tiara Created For Beijing With French & Chinese Design In White & Yellow Gold With Diamonds & Pearls

Created by Chaumet for their exhibition in Beijing the Lumières Céleste Diadem high jewellery set is exclusively available to buy in the Rare Finds collection at Harrods.

With 23 iridescent Akoya and Australian cultured pearls and White and Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds, bestowing exceptional radiance to the wearer. Handcrafted from white and yellow gold, the set celebrates the fusion of French and Mandarin culture. Intricate spiral motifs recall patterns seen on the ceilings of Chinese temples, while the set's exquisite level of detail nods to the French Maison's historical Imperial identity.

The tiara is adorned with a twisting bandeau pattern crafted using the fils couteau technique, which involves setting the gems on an extremely thin track to create the impression that there is nothing holding them in place. Similarly, the rest of the ensemble is pure brilliance, from a stunning tasselled necklace beaded with countless precious pearls to statement rings and earrings, testament to the convergence of French artistry with Chinese design codes, and a sole purpose to enhance the beauty of women everywhere.

The set of five pieces includes the tiara, necklace, rings and earrings.

Chaumet Lumières Célestes Diadem Set. Price on application at Harrods.

Who needs a prince with this in your jewellery box.

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