Friday, 1 June 2018

Pat McGrath Lust Lips Gloss Four Piece Sets - Mother's Glam, Glitter Lips Back In Stock - Pout Away Girls

Last week we looked at the new Lust Gloss Lips from Pat McGrath, and last night they mailed to say that the Lust four piece lip gloss set was back in stock, but there are only now two styles left. Sorry, but I actually think the two most wearable sets to be honest, so no pouting.

This is Skin Show in Warm with Flesh 4, Bronze Temptation,  Flesh Fantasy and Gold Allure.

Pat McGrath Skin Show Warm Lust Gloss Four Piece Kit. $95.00 at Pat McGrath.

And this is Skin Show in Cool with Pale Fire Nectar, Dare to Bare, Aphrodisiac  and Divine Rose.

Pat McGrath Skin Show Cool Lust Gloss Four Piece Kit. $95.00 at Pat McGrath.

Pat very nicely also offers her products interest free over three payments.

And if you do want to pick up the other sets they are Blitz and Astral.

Blitz with Twilo, Paraphernalia, Blitz Gold and Blood 2.

And Astral in Aliengelic, Pale Fire Nectar, Gold Allure and Blitz Gold.

Available singly at $28.00 at Pat McGrath. But Aliengelic and Flesh 4 are sold out.

You can still buy the whole gloss lips collection.

Pat McGrath Lust: Gloss Everything Kit. $325.00 at Pat McGrath.

Interest free is really good for these at $109.00 for three months.

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