Thursday, 28 June 2018

Jacob's Roast Lamb Cracker Crisps With Rosemary & Mint - A Vegetarian Roast Dish Flavour For A Hot Day

Because it's summer and we are all at our fighting weight I treated myself to some Jacob's Cracker Crisps in Roast Lamb flavour with rosemary and mint. And they are lovely. A crisp bite of what must be a very tasty joint of lamb with all the rosemary and mint accompaniments, I love rack of lamb it's my favourite meal. But too hot at the moment. So these were absolutely perfect.

And ideal for the vegetarian who misses that Sunday lunch taste of roast lamb, but at any time.

Maybe half-time?

Next up Roast Beef with red wine and shallots. Cannot wait to buy and try them.

I also tried Nestle Butterfingers Cups in peanut butter. And they too were delicious. I'm being unfaithful to Reese's I know, but god help me I bought four packets. I promise they'll last for ages though. But it is difficult to stop at one. Although they're meant for sharing!

A good note to self is remember that each one has 116 calories.

Yummy treats after a good golf game.

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