Saturday, 16 June 2018

Hereditary Film Review - Does A Mother Feed Her Baby The Milk Of Human Kindness - Or Her Evil?, Is Every Cross-Stitch Worked With Love, Or The Sewing Of A Bad Seed?

A horror yes, but not one that will make you jump, Hereditary directed by Ari Aster, is a slow burn of family pain and suffering, and long dead incantations. A24 Welcome You To The Dollhouse - The Queen Is Dead - Long Live The King. Click.

Toni Colette's Annie buries her mother without grief; more relief, in front of a crowd of her unknown friends. And then continues with her modern art installations of life, played out in doll house form. Her mother pops by occasionally. Husband Gabriel Byrne's Steve is keeping the family together, hiding the fact from Annie that her mother's grave has been desecrated. Pot head son Peter, played by Alex Woolf, is a typical teenage wanting to get into a girl's pants, and daughter Charlie played by Milly Shapiro, is wonderfully strange. She likes cutting the head off a dead pigeon for her own odd artwork. And she has a wonderful tic, a click like a cluck.

Annie goes to a grief support group, and reveals that her family is dysfunctional. Er hello. But things get even weirder when Charlie loses her head, but she'll wear a crown, and Peter is so full of weed he pretends not to notice. Click. Ann Dowd makes an appearance as a kindly fellow grief sufferer. She plays Aunt Lydia, so stay away from her. But she has learned how to commune with the dead, her drowned grandson. And she teaches Annie how to play. Soon Annie is communing with spirits using an unknown language. But the family are freaked, and maybe Annie's in a little too deep. Is grief what's feeding her, or is there something in the attic? Click. And very soon she'll be climbing the walls.

A stunning art house film with beautiful sets, would I want to live there?, maybe, but with another family. The bloodline in this one is in way too deep. Does Annie know all that is to happen, all the signs are there, or is it all long buried, and someone has opened the can of worms?

Loved it, another great movie from A24. With fantastic acting across the board, and great first time direction from Ari. More psychological than horror though, although there is gore. And fantastic music by Colin Stetson. Like something scuttling across the wall.

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