Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Hello Kitty Barbie Doll Is Packing Her Case With Her New Hello Kitty Fashions For A Trip On The Hello Kitty Japan Railways Bullet Train

Hello Kitty Barbie doll makes sure she packs the perfect outfits for her trip on the Hello Kitty Bullet train.

Hello Kitty Barbie Doll $100.00 at Barbie Mattel.

This sailor dress is perfect.

Barbie Hello Kitty Sailor Dress - $2.50 at Barbie Mattel.

She will love this red top.

Barbie Hello Kitty Red Top. $2.50 at Barbie Mattel.

I love this ribbon trim pink top. 5 apples tall.

Barbie Hello Kitty Pink Ribbon Trim Top. $2.50 at Barbie Mattel.

This cute Melody pink top will match the train decor.

Barbie Hello Kitty Melody Pink Top. $2.50 at Barbie Mattel.

She already has this dress and sunglasses in her wardrobe. Barbie will wear it to travel and take the bag as her luggage.

Barbie Hello Kitty Red Kitty Dress. Was $4.99 no longer available at Barbie Mattel.

And this cute Melody top and denim skirt set she also has. But she'll pack it too.

Barbie Hello Kitty Melody Skirt Suit. Was $4.99 no longer available at Barbie Mattel.

Enjoy your trip Barbie.

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