Thursday, 7 June 2018

Gunner Ernest Phillip Clarke Died 5/11/1918 - A New Zealander Buried In Hartwell Cemetery UK

We had a few days away at the glorious Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire. And exploring the 90 acre grounds we found an overgrown cemetery. Among the graves was one for Gunner Ernest Philip Clarke, a New Zealander who had died in November 1918. 6 days before the Armistice. And so far from home. Sadly it would seem that Ernest possibly died of Spanish flu, which respected no dates, and didn't care that Ernest would have been released from his military duty in 6 days time.

Born in 1896 Ernest was 22 and serving in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. His parents were Harry and Elizabeth Barbara Clarke and they lived in Edinburgh St, Green Island, New Zealand.

I couldn't find anything about them or Ernest, but it made me happy that he is remembered and a wreath is laid on his grave, so far away from his New Zealand home. And that he rests in such a beautiful place as Hartwell.

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