Friday, 4 May 2018

The Strangers: Prey At Night - Your Mother Should Have Told You Not To Play With Knives

A slash and burn movie out today, and directed by Johannes RobertsThe Strangers: Prey At Night; when they come a knocking. But these are three serial killers who really should have been taught not to play with knives.

It's Kellermans after Labor Day in the dark, gloomy mist, and a knock at the door brings death to the nice people who run the place. Just in time for our family of four dragging their sorry asses to see these same relatives. Mum played by Christina Hendricks, and Dad Martin Henderson, are at their wits end with delinquent daughter Kinsey, played by Bailee Madison, who looks like the young Katie Holmes. Along with Lewis Pullman who plays son Luke they are visiting the small mobile home park run by poor Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Marvin, and then dropping Kinsey off at a strict boarding school. We don't know what she got up to with her friends that was so bad, but whatever it was, they haven't seen anything yet.

Our three killers are Dollface, Pin-up Girl and Man in the Mask played by Emma Bellomy, Lea Enslin and Damian Maffei. They don't play nice, but they do rock a classic soundtrack. And they like making smilies, so maybe they aren't that bad. Wrong, they are out for blood. Mum and Dad do their best to protect their kids, but these three maniacs are good at their jobs. Why? Kinsey cries, Why not! Dollface replies. It's going to be a long night for the family.

A nightmare scenario, a little like The Shining, that adds a few jumps, and drips plenty of blood. Just hope your next weekend away doesn't end here.

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