Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising Film Review - All For The Love Of A Kaiji

Catching up on film reviews, and Pacific Rim: Uprising is the follow up to Guillermo del Toro's 2013 original. This time directed by Steven S. DeKnight, produced by Guillermo, and featuring the sons of great men as the Jaeger pilots of today.

The sons are John Boyega as Idris Elba's son from the original Pacific Rim, and the fine looking Scott Eastwood, the actual son of Clint. But here John as Jake Pentecost, rather than follow in his father's great footsteps has gone AWOL from the heroic Jaeger pilot school, and joined the criminal underclass in scavenging old Jaeger fighter parts for cash. The war against the Kaiji is over and now some Jaegers remain under the control of the police. While battling against one of these Jake, and a gutsy orphan Amara, played by Cailee Spaeny, are arrested. Given an option of prison or pilot cadet school she chooses the latter. Jake is re-assigned to a Ranger post at the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps with Eastwood's Nate, his old partner. They are not friends. Also at the PPDC is boffin Burn Gorman's Dr. Hermann Gottlieb. The old team back together.

However Jake's sister Mako played by Rinko Kikuchi, tells him that the war isn't over and the Kaiji will be back. And a rival program in China, run by Tian Jing's Liwen Shao, threatens the stability the PPDC have achieved. And the PPDC's own survival with their remote control drones. Also on the Chinese payroll is Charlie Day's Dr. Newton Geiszler, the teams old scientist colleague from way back. Newton wants Hermann to meet his new girlfriend Alice in a catchup; he's fallen in love. With a kaiji brain. A very cerebral love but hey who are we to judge in this new world.

And as the cadets hone their Jaeger fighting skills, a threat is brewing deep in the Pacific, and the result won't be pretty, but DeKnight gives it everything in this new fight for humanity. With the summit of Mount Fuji the finish line, there's a lot of CGI, and like it's predecessor, a lot of action. The 12 year old boys who enjoyed the first Pacific Rim won't be disappointed in the follow-up, and nor will today's 12 year old boys. The clock is ticking for the new apocalypse. Great fun.

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