Saturday, 26 May 2018

Alleven London Colour Shield - Tinted And Airbrushed Limb Perfection - It's Beyonce At Coachella Approved

With skin we can only dream about, until now. For Beyonce's secret weapon at Coachella was Alleven London, to create the limbs of our dreams. The real-life airbrushing comes in Ivory, Sand and Amber shades with skin tone adapting pigments.

Available in two sizes the colour shield blurs imperfections, covers thread veins, bruises and even tackles cellulite. Not that the goddess that is Beyonce needed any help on her body, but you know we might.

Alleven London Colour Shield - From £38.00 - £70.00 at

$48.00 - $80.00 at Alleven London.

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