Saturday, 28 April 2018

Truth Or Dare Film Review - Do You Want To Play? Just Say No

Directed by the very interesting Jeff Wadlow and from one of the most interesting scare houses Blumhouse Productions, I caught Truth Or Dare before I went on holiday. With gorgeous teens on their Spring Break down Mexico way. But first we meet a desperate girl setting fire to an unsuspecting shopper, because an unseen demon tells her to.

Meanwhile Olivia played by Lucy Hale meets a guy at the bar in Mexico who invites her and her drunken pals to an old church where they agree to play Truth Or Dare with him. But Landon Liboiron's Carter didn't actually tell them the whole truth until they agreed, when it's too late. Tell the truth or you die, do the dare or you die. Easy I think, you tell the truth, but the catch is you cannot just repeat truth with truth, or dare with dare.

It's not a game you want to play but they're all in, and the truth will hurt. But dares can kill. Violett Beane is Olivia's bestie Markie, but the truth between the two will hurt more than them. They need to find how the game started in Mexico with Markie's boyfriend, the lovely Lucas, played by Tyler Posey. And to save each other they invite you to play.

I like my demons a bit more visible and a lot more scare, but the interesting young actors made it a watchable movie and I'm interested to see what Jeff Wadlow does next.

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