Friday, 20 April 2018

Rampage Film Review - George In The Jungle, The Big Bad Wolf & Something Big From The Everglades

Catching up with my film posts I caught Rampage last week, directed by Brad Peyton and starring Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. Something bad is happening in space with a giant rat running around a space station. The last survivor is trying to get on board a space pod until the voice from Earth tells her not to leave without the valuable data and research. In trying to get it on board she runs out of time and the big rat smashes the pod window. Severely damaged when it enters the earth's atmosphere, the pod blows up and the research canisters are scattered across the US.

Meanwhile on Earth the friendly George is a rare albino gorilla taken as an orphan by Johnson's Davis Okoye, to safety in the US, and specifically the San Diego wildlife reserve. Here George has grown up to become a great friend to Davis. A primatologist now he has left his anti-poaching gig, who gets George more than the students he teaches, he doesn't even seem to notice when they hit on him.

When the canisters crash land on Earth next to the gorillas, the curious George sniffs the escaping mist. Big mistake. A wolf in Wyoming also takes a bite and an alligator in the Florida Everglades gets a mouthful he wasn't expecting. Of course the gorillas in the mist green stuff is actually made by a company in Chicago, Energyne, run by brother and sister baddies Claire and Brett Wyden. Played by Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy, they have an ambition to make their serum a weapon that they can sell. Except at the moment it appears to have made some big animals even bigger.

When Davis gets back to work the next day he finds George has been a naughty boy, and not only has he got into the grizzly's enclosure, but he's also killed him. And notes colleague P.J. Byrne, he seems a lot bigger than yesterday. Claire Wyden also sends her clean up men in to deal with the wolf. With Joe Manganiello buff as lead hunter. But it's okay ladies because it's only a wolf.

Meanwhile Naomie Harris's Dr Kate Caldwell switches on the tv, and recognises her research work “Project: Rampage” has really blown up. She races to San Diego along with the military who intend to neutralise George. Based on the 1986 game the big animals had to destroy cities to enable the player to advance to the next level. So of course that is what our animals will do in Energyne's dastardly plan. With a homing noise sent from John Hancock Tower.

There's only one man who can save Chicago and George. Fortunately The Rock was in Brad Peyton's San Andreas as a helicopter pilot, so hopefully it will all come back to him when he attempts to fly one. Plus he was Special Forces. Of course he was with those arms. And with the attractive, dry as a bone Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as a government official sent to clean up the mess, and Dr Caldwell who thinks there is an antidote, lets hope these animals don't get to the next level. Because we rather like Chicago.

A good natured rollicking CGI ride that will have you learning to sign with the animals. The actors look like they were having a ball, although Fay Wray better take a gulp before she watches this one from beyond the pearly gates.

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