Sunday, 15 April 2018

Love, Simon Film Review - I'm Black, Blue, Jewish & Gay - Out Now

I caught Love, Simon this week, a very sweet and thought provoking film directed by Greg Berlanti. Starring Nick Robinson as Simon who has the perfect American high school life. The perfect parents and sister, great friends, great car, great social life and yet he has a secret. Simon is gay. He isn't searching for Gigi Hadid in lingerie on the internet, but rather likes the gardener across the road. And doesn't know how to come out. Until one day 'Blue' posts on the school internet that he's gay, and Simon finds himself attracted to him. Without knowing who he is they start corresponding secretly.

Parents were high school sweethearts; prom queen and football star, played by Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel, and they couldn't be cooler, and his sweet little sister is played by Talitha Eliana Bateman. And his friends are just the best. Leah, Abby and Nick. But you can see how four friends this close might eventually fall in love. And how easy it is if you're straight to be in love. Jorge Lendeborg Jr.'s Nick already is in love with Abby played by Alexandra Shipp. And Katherine Langford's Leah is in love with someone who has no idea. And why not for she is gorgeous.

Life gets even more complicated for them when Simon leaves his emails open on a library computer, and Logan Miller's Martin discovers them. But he's actually a decent guy really. He likes Abby, and Simon finds himself having to set them up while knowing that Nick is really into her instead. In fact they're perfect for each other. And while he's playing cupid for everyone else Simon is no closer to finding out who Blue is.

It was great fun with Tony Hale and Natasha Rothwell being hilarious, but firm, as teachers at school. And how gay is Cabaret the school play? But if it doesn't work out at school Simon can always become a friend of Dorothy at college he figures. Cue a colourful song and dance, but Simon's not that colourful! But straight or gay, everyone deserves their go on the Ferris Wheel of life, and Simon deserves his chance at love.

I loved the film, it was totally uplifting and Simon's search for love was very funny. With a great cast and a zippy script it just made me feel so happy and want to smile so much.

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