Thursday, 26 April 2018

Every Day Film Review - Finding Love One Body At A Time

Back to work after a holiday in Lyon and I saw Every Day today, directed by Michael Sucsy. A sweet romantic tale with a time limited spirit who changes body every midnight, becoming someone else for 24 hours.

But one day the spirit meets the very pretty Angourie Rice's Rihannon when he/she inhabits her boyfriend Justin, played by Justice Smith. They spend a magical day together with both feeling the connection. The spell is broken when the spirit leaves Justin overnight, and Rhiannon wonders what happened, when Justin's memory of their day is just a fog to him.

The spirit calls himself A and has been body travelling since birth. Never having a real family or even a tomorrow. But after meeting Rhiannon there is a purpose and desire to be with her. Unsettling of course for her as A has no control over which body he inhabits. Making it even more difficult to explain.

I thought the film was very interesting as love really does takes all forms here. Based on a young adult fiction novel by David Levithan, and perfect for today's gender fluid society. It was very touching.

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