Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A Quiet Place Film Review - Alien v The Swiss Family Robinson

I watched A Quiet Place yesterday, directed by John Krasinski, and starring both him and wife, the always beautiful Emily Blunt. We are mid-way through an alien invasion of the body snatchers and the old newspapers dotted about town say that the pesky critters are attracted by sound. Silence will keep you alive. The lonely family of five make their way barefoot through the forest to a new home, but don't make a sound. Batteries should not be included!

A fascinating silence fills the screen as we move forward a year in the life of the family, everything in slow motion. Sand is spread out for tender feet, and we tiptoe across the floorboards following paint marks showing the quiet way. Monopoly is a silent game with no board throwing and teenage strops are limited with no door banging. Washing clothes is a labour intensive chore that looks surprisingly therapeutic, (I'll stick with my Miele though), and you cannot run out of things to say at the dinner table when nothing can be said. Sign language is the language of choice and we communicate to the other pioneers through fire. In fact it's quite an idyllic life, if you can get your head around the fact that big bony grasshopper like aliens with lots of teeth will rip you apart if they hear you.

Mum Evelyn is pregnant which adds another dimension to the taut storytelling, childbirth and a crying baby might just up the sound level. The children Regan and Marcus are played by the very talented Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, they have grown up with the silence. Millicent is actually deaf so we are experiencing it all through her ears. But Dad is always trying to fashion a new hearing aid for her in his well stocked office, and trying out SOS on different frequencies. But Regan is at the difficult teenage stage and feels Dad blames her for the loss of their youngest son.

He doesn't take her on a fishing trip and she is to stay at home and help Mum. The fishing gives him and Marcus a chance to be normal, the river masks the sound of talking and a waterfall allows them to shout. And while Mum is at home Regan decides to make a pilgrimage to the bridge where younger brother Beau was taken. A dangerous journey alone.

But danger lurks all around and when Mum's waters break and she's alone, well you don't want to imagine the midwives who turn up. The lights around the homestead are turned to red for danger, and it's a fight to survive. But how do you protect your kids? By teaching them how to survive, work together, and wait for help as The Swiss Family Robinson take on the Aliens.

A terrific thriller that keeps you on edge with it's tension until the final scenes. Rumours of a sequel abound but after watching the film I think you'll agree with Emily Blunt that the only real film could be a prequel. The story of what happened to the world the day aliens arrived. And I'm really looking forward to that one. Great job John.

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