Monday, 12 February 2018

Votes For Women New Royal Mail Stamp Collection

Available to buy February 15 Royal Mail are celebrating 100 years of Votes For Women with this collection of eight stamps.

The stamps show images of some of the original women's fight for the right to vote.

And include:

2nd Class Lone Suffragette in Whitehall, c.1908 and The Great Pilgrimage of Suffragists, 1913.

1st Class Suffragette Leaders at Earl’s Court, 1908 and Women’s Freedom League Poster Parade, c.1907.

£1.40 Welsh Suffragettes, Coronation Procession, and Leigh and New Released from Prison, 1908.

£1.57 Sophia Duleep Singh sells The Suffragette, 1913 and Suffragette Prisoners’ Pageant, 1911.

A presentation pack is also available that includes a brief history of some of the most significant moments in the women’s suffrage movement. It explores the campaigns that began in the first half of the 19th century and leads up to the passing of the Representation of the People Act on 6 February 1918.

Royal Mail Votes For Women Stamp Collection from £8.36 at Royal Mail.

The collection also includes an exclusive 50p coin struck to commemorate the occasion.

Royal Mail Votes for Women Coin Cover. £17.50 at Royal Mail.

A wonderful and historical collection from Royal Mail.

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