Monday, 12 February 2018

Victoria Beckham New York Ready-to-Wear A/W 2018/19

For A/W 2018/19 the Victoria Beckham team have produced a minimalist collection that had some real stand out pieces, including a fitted leopard print chenille coat which was the star. It contrasted well with two midnight navy dresses, one with high neck, another with a bow neck. And a lovely milky cream dress. All with pleat trim and asymmetric hems that could fit into a working wardrobe. The pleat theme carried through with a palette of colours including military olive green, moleskin brown and nutmeg. And coats and dresses that had a similar military feel in the cut. The crocodile print Daxton shoes had an oversize strap for a masculine look. But the best look of the collection was Victoria in polo and trousers. Her working wardrobe and an outfit we all wear on a day to day basis.

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