Friday, 9 February 2018

New MAC Cosmetics Jeremy Scott Lo-Fi Eyeshadow Collection

Created by Jeremy Scott and new in at MAC is the Jeremy Scott MAC collection they announced in January.

With 29 shades in lustre, satin, matte and veluxe pearl.

Ghost Story (Creamy white with icy shimmer, finish: Frost),
Morning Ticket (Silver metallic frost, finish: VLXP),
US Dance Remix (Frosty cool gunmetal, finish: VLXP),
Superior Sound (Soft creamy pink, finish: Frost),
Subtly Elegant (Muted pale grey, finish: Matte),
Syntheseyes (Pale mint green, finish: Satin),
Happy Song (Bubblegum Pink, finish: Satin),
Bonus Track (Warm brown w/silver sparkle, finish: Frost),
Oldie But Goodie (Light sea foam, finish: Matte),
Lo-Fi (Soft beige with gold shimmer, finish: Satin),
Bird’s Eye View (Bright fuchsia pink, finish: Satin),
Beautifully Charred (Midtone brown with gold shimmer, finish: Frost),
Memories of Space (Bright true yellow, finish: Matte),
Powerful Performance (Aquamarine blue, finish: Satin),
She’s A Machine (Lavender with shimmer, finish: Frost),
Creative Copper (Peachy gold with shimmer, finish: Lustre),
Endless Frequency (Midtone peach, finish: Matte),
Walking Heartbeats (Midtone red, finish: Matte),
Raven Eyed (True black, finish: Matte),
Remixology (Muted lime green, finish: Matte),
At The Turntable (Sky Blue, finish: Matte),
Jam Session (Bright lilac, finish: Satin),
Bite The Beat (Midtone warm brown, finish: Matte),
Disco Therapy (Bright muted orange, finish: Matte),
Vacation Speed Zone(Deep plum with red pearl, finish: VLXP),
Video Emotions (Black purple, finish: Matte),
Beatallica (Deep forest green, finish: Matte),
Electric Eel (Bright blue w/shimmer, finish: Satin),
Club New Wave Mix (Bright violet purple, finish: Matte).

Jeremy's cheeky tribute to the days when kids were on the block and music was hi-fidelity. From bright fuchsia pinks, true yellows to electric blues it's time to face the music.

MAC Cosmetics Jeremy Scott Lo-Fi Eyeshadow Collection. £60.00 Exclusively at Selfridges.

$75.00 at MAC.

A limited edition.

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