Thursday, 15 February 2018

Michael Kors New York Ready-to-Wear A/W 2018/19

For A/W 2018/19 Michael Kors sent out a huge collection of floral, tartan and leopard pieces. Sometimes all in the same outfit. The little red tartan jacket with leopard trim was gorgeous. Michael gave his clients a little of what they like with plenty of crossover with tartan trousers and a sequin jacket for example. Zendaya may wear the tracksuit but she might equally throw a leopard skin print coat over it. I loved the tartans and tweeds and the camel leather trench is lovely. The rose print was very pretty on a dress and skirt. And the Argyle knits with embroidery and grey skirts were ideal for the 9-5, and why tartan is so useful in a wardrobe. Meghan Sparkle was definitely on trend with her Blackwatch tartan Burberry coat this week. The all in one sequin number was a great look. And I especially loved the last outfit that Joan Smalls was wearing, she looked gorgeous, and it was casual with the varsity top, and luxury with the sequin trousers. And casual luxury is what Michael does so well. 

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