Thursday, 22 February 2018

Max Mara Milan Ready-to-Wear A/W 2018/19

With the residents of Wakanda now set to explore the world outside their country's boundary, then Ian Griffiths' Max Mara A/W 2018 collection is a great place to shop for his luxurious animal print suits and coats. And for the rest of us lesser mortals, then Max Mara is still the place to shop for that elevator ride up to the boardroom. The oil slick leathers are gorgeous, including the skirts, trousers and shirt. Not sure I'll be going all out Matrix in the trench though. Great ruched dresses with or without the trousers, and of course the many pencil skirts and more trousers in a slim fit. But Max Mara is master of the coat and there are so many new ideas here; the belted leopard is lovely, as well as the tweed, pink and the perfect camel. And the Max Mara woman is going further than the board room in Ian's lovely slinky evening gowns, with a sparkle jacket and skirt, although not as a suit, too much bling, and even a tux. It's a great wearable collection. 

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