Friday, 2 February 2018

Insidious The Last Key Film Review

Catching up with reviews, Insidious The Last Key is directed by Adam Robitel, the fourth and final Insidious film. But second in the story line, and one that shows us that it's not only the dead we need to worry about.

We begin in the grim surroundings of a 1953 state penitentiary whose inmates are regularly sent to the electric chair. Young Elise played by the perfectly cast period looking Ava Kolker, lives on site with her mother, father and younger brother. Not the best place for someone who can communicate with the dead. And prison warden father played by Josh Stewart, who does not approve of her gift. Mum, played by Tessa Ferrer, is more understanding and gives brother Christian a whistle to blow to call her, if he ever gets scared. However her father prefers shockingly to beat Elise's gift out of her, and locking her in the basement. But something dark and evil lives in the basement and unknowingly Elise unlocks a red door and sets it free.

Finally escaping the misery of this haunted house at 16, present day (or 2010 to keep the dates right) Elise, now played by Lin Shaye, is forced to go back to the horrors within, after she is persuaded to help new owner Ted. Played by Kirk Acevedo he has sank his savings into the house. Her sidekicks Specs, played by the screenwriter Leigh Whannell, and Tucker played by Angus Sampson, come along for the ghostbusting.

The haunting is most prevalent in Elise and her brother Christian's old bedroom. And Ted has the door stacked with bibles. Elise plans to stay the night in the room but is led somewhere much more disturbing and real, by the ghost she saw when she was 16. The one who finally made her leave home. And this ghost is the key to the story of the haunted house.

But the key fingered demon who locks people up inside their minds is the reason for all the evil. And to get to him we meet Elise's still traumatised from his youth, and not at all happy about it brother. Now all grown up as Bruce Davison. With two beautiful daughters played by Caitlin Gerard and Spencer Locke. The Scooby-doo boys of course fall instantly in love. And when Melissa is taken by the demon, sister Imogen who has some of Aunt Elise's gifts, helps to save both her sister and Elise.

There was plenty of ghostly atmosphere with torches in dark corners and some shocks and chills. Although the film didn't reveal as many of the ghouls that the trailer does, so could have been scarier. Still it neatly ended the franchise at the point where we originally started.

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