Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Christopher Kane London Ready-to-Wear A/W 2018

I fashioned myself a rather fetching array of bath towel this morning, with a great drape, and just the perfect lengths of asymmetrical hem line that would spare the blushes of any Cannes red carpet walker, should there be a sudden gust of sea breeze. The design will be going into production soon in a rainbow of silks. I'm starting with my pillowcase. But enough about my own fashion designs, Christopher Kane is the real deal. And for A/W 2018 he has designed a rather plastic fantastic sex line for the orthopedically challenged. I love the red lace, more a baby doll than a dress, but with good legs it's a knockout. And for the 9-5 that most of us partake in, Christopher created a fabulous devore black suit and coat, and of course I'm loving all the silver and grey tailoring. Because they will work to brighten our normal workwear commute. But Christopher is here all about the after dark with his Lover's Lace negligee collection, although one with diamond designs will happily add a little glamour to a dinner date. And look fabulous on a red carpet. I'm not sure we would ever be brave enough to wear his Joy of Sex illustrated designs, although the breasts are so pert it would be nice to borrow them for that dinner date. And of course his trademark orthopaedic shoes are so ugly that the collection that titivates us is actually comically tongue-in-cheek.  And the joy is dressing for ourselves.   

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