Monday, 26 February 2018

Giorgio Armani Milan Ready-to-Wear A/W 2018/19

A gorgeous collection for Giorgio Armani for A/W 2018/19. The richness of the fabrics and colours always makes his runway light up. And he has created an immense range from day time relaxed casuals to crystal tipped evening wear. With trousers in every colour and design; pleat front, flat, cuffed, cut-offs and tasselled. In every conceivable fabric. Along with skirts in a rainbow of colours, lengths and trim. Mixing in the jackets of which Armani is a Master; shawl collared, single and double breasted, long, short, leather, woven, you could dress in Armani and never feel the need for any other designs, they are just so perfect. And of course the evening wear in embroidered and tasselled velvet we know belongs on an A-lister walking a red carpet, and one gown with side boob that would need nerves of steel, and lots of tape. There is so much to love in this fantastic dress-up box of fashion. Bravo.   

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