Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Win A Senior Gap Year With Compare The Market

Compare the Market are inviting retirees to travel the world for a Gap Year they never had. Funnily I typed a Gay Year they never had, not that would be an interesting year. Imagine the colour and excitement of the carnivals. But for the Senior Gap Year the winner will visit 8 - 12 countries, with a £10,000 bursary towards costs. To win the competition you must be a current and retired UK citizen, and be prepared to submit a monthly blog of upto 500 words plus photos. Camera equipment will be provided.

Stephanie Corbett, Head of Travel Insurance of said: 'With Brits focussing on their careers more than ever, many have forgone the chance to take time off purely for themselves, to travel and explore the world. The launch of the Senior Gap Year competition is an opportunity for those retired to regain some of that travel time back.'

I think it's a lovely idea, and to apply hopeful candidates need to submit a 200-word personal statement by midnight on 12th February 2018 on why they would be the best person for this experience.

Compare the Market Senior Gap Year entry form.

Good luck.

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