Friday, 5 January 2018

DiorSnow Collection

With the news full of beautiful snow images of the US East Coast, and many of us jetting off for ski holidays, or just trying to get through to work, I always think that Diorsnow is the perfect skin collection for this time of year. It's so bright and clean.

These are a few products that will work whatever the weather can throw at us.

The SPF50 Brightening Tinted Fluid CC cream in two shades adds a layer of colour to a face that's also being moisturised and protected from the elements.

Diorsnow Brightening Tinted Fluid Colour Correction Second Skin Finish SPF50.

£43.00 at Selfridges.

The Essence of Light Brightening Light-Activating Micro Infused Lotion contains Dior Edelweiss and Vitamin E to help spots and shadows appear less visible. I love that as the lotion is applied the microcapsules melt like snowflakes in the spring, fusing into the ultra-fresh, gel-liquid texture to release their active ingredients. The skin then instantly softer, suppler and naturally more radiant.
Just like magic.

Diorsnow Brightening Light-Activating Micro Infused Lotion.

£46.00 at Dior and Selfridges.

And Perfect Bloom Diorsnow Brightening Perfect Skin Creator is a moisturiser that seeks to combat skin-darkening pigmentation and balance out skin tone, resulting in a healthy and radiant complexion.

With SPF35 and Dior Edelweiss.

Diorsnow Brightening Perfect Skin Creator. £79.00 at Selfridges.

Wrap up warm wherever you are.

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