Sunday, 17 December 2017

I Am A Unicorn Coloured Pencils Set

In cute and sparkly colours these unicorn pencils are terrific fun.

Made in sunny California. Where unicorns must surely live in the year round sunshine.

The pencils include:

Unicorns Rule (Pastel blue pencil, Lilac foiled).
Unicorns Are Real (Sky blue pencil, Matt Silver foiled).
Believe in Unicorns (Pastel pink pencil, Gold foiled).
Unicorns Forever (Lilac pencil, Purple foiled).
I AM A Unicorn (Pastel purple pencil, Rainbow foiled).
Unicorn ♥  (Pastel yellow pencil, Light Blue and Sparkly Pink foiled).

Unicorn Coloured Pencil Set. £12.00 at Iama.London

Girls will absolutely love them in their stockings. Or a Secret Santa for a unicorn fan.

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