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Tasting Collection Olive Oil Tasting Collection

For the man or woman confident with their cooking and taste, this Olive Oil Tasting Collection is an interesting gift. With 24 very special Olive Oils in a beautiful wooden gift box.

The collection brings oils to explore from France, Italy, Greece, Morocco and Spain. Including these.

The sets start in boxes of 6.


La Chinata: Spain.
Since 1932, the Spanish house La Chinata has specialised in olive oil. They also produce other delicacies such as honey, bell pepper powder and tapenades. The olives grow in their orchards in the Gata mountains. The olive oil used for this oil is the Manzanilla Arbequina. The first pressing of this olive gives a soft, intense olive oil with a slightly sweet and fruity taste. This oil is particularly well suited to mozzarella, cucumber and tomatoes.

Sierra del Conde: Spain.
Made by the house Naturvie, one of Spain's leading olive oil producers. The Sierra del Conde is a blend of 4 different olives, all from the Naturvie's own olive groves. The Sierra del Conde is a first press oil with soft tones of green almond, apple and tomato. This olive oil is a real all-rounder, used by many top chefs. From soups and sauces to salads; this oil can handle it.

Agorá - Kreta: Greece.
An olive oil with a protected designation of origin (PDO), made in the traditional way in Kolymvari, Chania, Crete, a region recognised worldwide for its quality. The rich soil of the area, the right altitude and the microclimate are ideal for growing olive trees. Agorá has orchards of the Koroneiki variety, which extend between Samaria and the Mediterranean Sea. This Agorá Crete is cold-pressed and has a rich, fruity and peppery taste. Delicious in stews or just over the bruschetas.

Tarragona: Spain.
This unfiltered virgin olive oil comes from the northern Spanish town of Tarragona in Catalonia, one of the oldest olive oil regions. Catalonia produces a lot of olive oil, the best of which comes from the Tarragona region. The Tarragona olive oil, made from the Arbequina olive oil, is bright and lighter in texture and has a lot of taste. It is an elegant olive oil, very suitable for salads, to bake in and with Tapas, but it also combines well with just a piece of bread.

Terre Dell'Abbazia: Italy.
The history of the Ursini House, from central Italian Fossacesia, dates back to the 19th century. The Terre Dell' Abbazia is a virgin olive oil and is a blend of 7 carefully selected olives, the Chieti, Cucco, Leccino, Olivastra, Crognalegno, Ascolana and the Dritta olive. The result is a soft olive oil with many flavours of green bananas, ripe tomatoes and a light pepper. Can actually be used with many dishes; an all-rounder.

Au: Andalusia, Spain.
Au stands for Aceites Unicos, which means' Unique olive oil' and is also the chemical symbol for gold. The oil is made in Andalusia from the Picual olive, which is picked by hand in November. Because the olives are picked before they are really ripe, the first cold pressing process gives a deep, strong, spicy and intense olive oil. Ideal for the more sturdy dishes and certainly very suitable for old cheeses and red meat.

Which gives you an indication of what oils are included in the sets.

Tasting Collection Olive Oil 24 Oils Tasting Collection. £136.33 at Tasting Collection.

Tasting Collection Olive Oil 6 Oils Tasting Collection. £21.95 at Tasting Collection.

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