Saturday, 16 December 2017

St Giles Fine Fragrance The Actress Eau de Parfum

Brand new this week is St Giles a new perfume collection by Michael Donovan. The Actress let's imagine is a Miss Scarlett like figure, but with a huge bunch of lilies, flamboyant and fabulous. It's a celebration of feminine glamour, this fragrance throws a spotlight on the wearer and is designed to make an entrance. Elegant and refined, she is no diva but rather the protagonist in a far more nuanced performance. She is intelligent, knowing, and quite unattainable. Created by French perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour.

The narcotic scent of the giant oriental lily takes the leading role,  combining with top notes of Calabrian lemon, bitter orange, bergamot, basil, lentisque pistachier, and tomato leaf. The supporting cast includes Egyptian jasmine, orchid, honeysuckle and pear with a base of sandalwood, patchouli and musk brushed with vanilla custard.

St Giles Fine Fragrance The Actress Eau de Parfum.

£130.00 at St Giles and exclusively at Selfridges.

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