Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Perfume Milk

Not available in the UK but Cry Baby Perfume Milk by Melanie Martinez is a perfume described as sweet and nostalgic, but conceals an irreverent edge. The spirit of a girl who is playfully innocent.

The first impression is a complicity of dark fruity notes, while strawberry milk and a lipstick accord are layered to contrast the dark fruits. The heart of, “Cry Baby Perfume Milk” invites you to experience innocent darkness while Melanie’s childhood memories are evoked through a soft, nostalgic baby lotion accord. Feminine yet mischievous and unapologetic, the base of the fragrance is wrapped in a sweet layer of burnt caramel complimented by a blend of sinister woods.

Reminds me of the bottles I used to feed my baby doll when I was a child.

Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Perfume Milk. $49.95 at Melanie Martinez.

Coming to the UK in 2018.

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