Sunday, 17 December 2017

I Am A English Biscuits Pencil Set 1 & 2

With tea time biscuits favourites including jaffa cake, tea cakes and jammie dodgers, these I Am A pencil sets are great stocking fillers.

Made in California with multi coloured foiling.

Set 2 includes:
Tea Cake (Red pencil + Silver Foil).
Jaffa Cake (Dark Blue pencil + Neon Orange Foil).
Hobnob (Orange pencil + Gold Foil).
Iced Gems (Cream pencil - check out the Holographic Foil!).
Party Ring (Pink pencil + Yellow Foil).
Garibaldi (Purple pencil + Gold Foil).

Set 1, the original, includes: Digestive (Red pencil).
Rich Tea (Dark Blue pencil).
Ginger Nut (Orange pencil).
Jammie Dodger ♥ (Cream pencil).
Bourbon Cream (Brown pencil).
Custard Cream (Pastel Yellow Pencil).

I Am A English Biscuit Pencil Set 1. £12.00 at I Am A.

I Am A English Biscuit Pencil Set 2. £12.00 at I Am A.

A great Secret Santa gift.

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