Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Hourglass Confession Lipstick Archive Holiday 2017 Limited Edition

Winner of "Most Pigmented Lipstick" Bazaar Beauty Awards 2017 this collection of Hourglass Confession lipsticks contains 30 colours.

The Ultra Slim Lipstick Refills are designed to deliver creamy, saturated, long-wearing colour with a satin finish without smudging or feathering. This luxurious set of rich shades from a pale nude to deep plum, also contains two seek gold applicators that are interchangeable with all shades and provide the ultimate control to precisely accentuate, contour and define the lips.

I Wish - neutral nude.
One Day - nude pink.
The First Time - pinky beige.
I Lust For - peachy beige.
I'll Never Stop - beige nude.
I'll Never - nude rose.
I Want - medium rose.
I Woke Up - dusty rose.
If Only - deep rose.
I'm Addicted - terracotta rose.
No One Knows - peachy pink.
I've Kissed - pink lilac.
My Favorite - neutral pink.
You Can Find Me - coral pink.
I Always - hot pink.
I Believe - vivid pink.
I Can't Wait - vivid fuchsia.
I Live For - vibrant coral.
I Desire - vivid red orange.
I Crave - bright red.
My Icon Is - blue red.
Secretly - classic red.
I Can't Live Without - red currant.
At Night - brick red.
I've Been - deep rose brown.
One Time - aubergine.
When I'm With You - deep magenta.
When I'm Alone - dark berry.
If I Could - true plum.
I Hide My - deep plum.

Hourglass Confession Lipstick Archive Holiday 2017 Limited Edition.

$650.00 at Hourglass. £530.00 at Harvey Nichols.

An amazing collection.

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