Tuesday, 19 December 2017

GP Nutrition 3 day Clean Me Cleanse Pack

After Christmas is the perfect time to give the body a little TLC. Gabriela Peacock's GP Nutrition new formula, Clean Me’s programme of micronutrients and natural extracts give your liver a little love, reducing the impact of these factors, so you can benefit from healthier skin, better digestion and more energy.

Hero Actives include:

Chlorine: Crucial for optimal liver function.
Zinc: A powerful antioxidant to support internal defence.
Copper: Protects against oxidative stress.
Selenium: Reduces free radical damage.
Also includes: Wheat grass, Broccoli extract, Artichoke, CoQ10, Cystein, Methionine.

Included In 3 Day Booster Pack:
3 x Sachets of capsules (3 capsules per sachet) Take one sachet every morning.
3 x Drink Blend Sachets Take one sachet and mix powder with water every evening.

GP Nutrition 3 day Clean Me Cleanse Pack. £9.99 at GP Nutrition.

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