Friday, 22 December 2017

Food In Vogue By The Vogue Editors

Food in Vogue collects the most elegant, mouthwatering food photography and finest food writing from one of the most respected magazines in the world. Including original essays by leading food writer and longtime Vogue food critic Jeffrey Steingarten, the book features previously published portraits of world-renowned or rising chefs, along with classic food editorials photographed by Irving Penn and conceived by editor Phyllis Posnick.

Food in Vogue examines how Vogue's relationship with and treatment of food has changed in its pages through its lavish and challenging food photographs, and its career-defining interviews with the world's hottest chefs. The book includes exclusive, brand-new profiles of outstanding chefs, alongside iconic Vogue photography. Food in Vogue is more than a book about food. It's a book about trends, fashion, and culture, told through the world's common language.

A great review by Virginia Campbell described it as:
An appropriately oversized and exuberant coffee-table book, "Food in Vogue" is offered by the Editors of Vogue as part of the magazine's 125th anniversary. One of the most iconic publications of all time, Vogue wears its age well, showing a zest for food and food facts that will have foodies turning the pages with relish. The photos are vivid and have a fun, funky, fabulous vibe all their own--after all, this is food, done by Vogue. The articles are eclectic and fascinating, ranging from how many coffeemakers you have in your home and why you have them, to "Simply Red", an ode to ketchup, and to an unsuccessful attempt to smuggle French butter out of France (confiscated at the Charles de Gaulle airport). The roster of photographers and food writers who have left an indelible essence of talent throughout the years includes: Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Anton Corbijn, Annie Lebovitz, Jeffrey Steingarten, Tamar Adler, Oliver Strand, and others. "Food in Vogue" is big, bold, never shy, and artfully abstract. It's a celebration of cuisine and culture, presented with inimitable style by the editors of Vogue.

Food In Vogue By The Vogue Editors. $53.09 at Amazon US. £50.97 at Fishpond.

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