Saturday, 30 December 2017

Celtra Product Design Director Required

This Product Design Director role seeks a special person who can name at least three Gestalt psychology laws applied in Hitchcock films if woken at 5 am after an evening of heavy drinking. An individuals who can dream in user scenarios, can sketch multiple solutions for the same interaction problem over morning coffee, unknowingly keep things on their desk aligned to an invisible grid, perpetually shift their mental view from ground level UI details all the way up to business strategy, and are haunted by an entrepreneurial mindset that tirelessly seeks opportunities for innovation.

If that's you then Celtra one of the leading Creative Management Platform for Digital Advertising wants to hear from you.

You'll be staying ahead of the curve with trends and activities of video advertising market and professional creative software.

Leading research & development of projects from ideation to launch by working closely with product managers, product designers, engineers, technical writers, product marketing managers and other stakeholders or partnering organisations.

Directing product roll-out activities.

Driving internal studies by working closely with analysts and UX researchers to design experiments, interpret their results and translate them into actionable insights.

Defining product roadmap by monitoring adoption, managing backlog and setting development priorities.

Candidates without a design portfolio will not be considered.

Celtra Product Design Director Required. Apply here.

2 out of 3 Fortune 500 adds are by Celtra.

London based.

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