Thursday, 7 December 2017

Bogarde Toma Pegaz x Colette BMX Bike

One BMX bike has been created by Bogarde BMX  and Parisian artist Toma Pegaz to celebrate the famous Paris store Colette. So this bike is truly a one off gift that will never be repeated. Toma Pegaz's logo and the expression "EXEMPLAIRE UNIQUE" is engraved down the bottom bracket. Colette is also hand engraved on the gusset.

With white Skyway 24" wheels, T-spokes, light beige leather saddle, blue and white leather accessories. Leather accessories are a combination of box calf and premium goat leather to get a relief aspect.

Bogarde x Colette BMX Bike. 1 800,00 at Bogarde.

Made in USA. 90% built.

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