Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Pat McGrath LiquiLUST 007 Everything Kit Christmas Collection

I've been posting the Pat McGrath Christmas collection as the five individual kits of the LiquiLUST 007 range. But Pat has also created a kit with everything in it. The Christmas collection announced last month is released November 16, and this kit contains the six Liquid Lipsticks, two Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigments and Clear Vinyl Gloss in a luscious spread of pinks, bolds, nudes and pearl. It's a great intro to the range and the whole collection will sell out fast.

The colours include theDivine Nude Liquid Lipstick (Cool Mauve Pink), Possessed Liquid Lipstick (Muted Rose), Slay-OMI Liquid Lipstick (Warm Cinnamon Brown), Wreckage Totale™ 1 Liquid Lipstick (Bright fuschia), Revelation Red Liquid Lipstick (True Blue Red), Nightshade Liquid Lipstick (Deep Egglplant), Violet 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment (Opalescent Violet Pearl), Gold 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment (Light Golden Pearl) and the Clear Vinyl Gloss.

Pat has a desire to pervert your pout with the rebelliously revolutionary LiquiLUST™ formulation that leaves lips velvet-smooth while delivering the carnally charismatic colour you crave. Delivering one-stroke, high-impact opacity with a whipped, cushiony texture, this aphrodisiacal assortment of legendary lip paraphernalia creates lickably lush lips that are ready for action from dusk-til- dawn-til-beyond.

*Wicked willfulness and consensual corruption may result with prolonged use.

Pat McGrath LiquiLUST 007 Everything Kit Christmas Collection.

$150.00 at Pat McGrath Labs.

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