Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Meet The De Grisogono Creation 1 $34million Dollar Necklace

I think we all know that come Christmas morning this De Grisogono 163.41 carat emerald-cut diamond, (naturally!), graded D for the highest degree of Colourless, and F for Flawless, meaning without any inclusions, will be sitting under the Christmas tree.

The only thing I'll say about it thought is it seems a little, how would you say it, ostentatious maybe, but that's just me being a little picky.

Although I suppose for US$ 33,701,000, (count the zeros), you do expect a big rock. And it was the largest emerald cut diamond ever to be offered at auction. And the most expensive ever. It was sold in Geneva November 14, which explains where the other half was yesterday girls.

14 highly-skilled artisans spent 1,700 hours creating the necklace.

And this is what this amazing necklace started out looking as. With 404.20 carats.

Mother Nature making one lady very happy. Let it be me....

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