Saturday, 18 November 2017

Justice League Film Review

I had been looking forward to Justice League directed by Zack Snyder (and Joss Whedon as he took over when Snyder had to withdraw). Ben Affleck's Batman is still patrolling the mean streets of Gotham, while Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman has her foot on the Old Bailey's Scales of Justice.

But life is harder on Earth with Superman gone, (had to refresh myself with the ending of last year's Batman v Superman film). People are sleeping on the street and immigrants are attacked as they try to run their corner shops. And while Wonder Woman is stopping bullets, Bruce Wayne and Jeremy Iron's Albert are pondering the origin of something alien and buzzy. And what the image of three boxes mean, left behind when the bug was swatted.

Meanwhile when Themyscira is attacked by a big guy with horns, Amazonian Queen Hippolyta, again played by Connie Nielsen, and the Amazonians, including Doutzen Krous, defend one of these boxes. Turns out the big guy called Steppenwolf is after it and he wants to unite all three boxes to create something dark and unnaturally evil. Played by Ciarán Hinds (but as CGI), and looking like one of the Pirates of the Caribbean alumni. The Amazonians send a message to Diana and when she gets it, even though neither her nor Bruce are great penpals, they know they have to put together a team to take on this evil.

And we're off, meeting the un-superhero team of Victor, Barry and Arthur. I kid you not. But these three unassuming guys, one is half man/half machine, and struggling to come to terms with his new look, and rapidly developing powers, a fast flash with blood sugar issues, and a half man/half mythical god, are all that stands between the Earth and annihilation. Unless, and there's a big ask here, they can actually bring Superman back to life.

Our new superhero's are not all keen to join the crew. Diana seeks out Ray Fisher's Victor, as the even more imaginatively named Cyborg. He's not keen. Bruce finds Ezra Miller's Flash, and he's really really keen, I love him, he's so funny. And also travels to Iceland to find The Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa. Him not so much. But on a rare visit home to Atlantis, Amber Heard's Mera says it's time to act like his mother and step up. (Queen Atlanna will be played by Nicole Kidman in the standalone Aquaman movie).

And so all that's missing is Superman. Bruce quick thinkingly brings along Amy Adams's Lois Lane, in case Henry Cavill's Clark Kent doesn't want to play. He doesn't seem to like Bruce very much. Amy may have had the best role getting that close to the shirtless Henry Cavill. He is buff.

I have to say the film was a blast even if the storyline was a little sci-fi far fetched. Life was far simpler with exploding penguins says Alfred. And Lex Luther still in jail..... But the team were great together, the gags were plenty and to be honest I'm all for the end of the world Doomsday scenarios so we can see a plan come together. At times the special effects were dizzying but the new superheroes mixed with our three old timers were terrific. And I though Ben Affleck was great, acknowledging he's human. But so rich that he can just buy a bank. Gal Gadot pulling the guys together and making them a crack team was very impressive as a Wonder Woman where justice will always win.

Cannot wait for Aquaman December 2018 and the continuation of the DC story.

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