Saturday, 4 November 2017

Diptyque Christmas Mythical Creatures Limited Edition Candles

For Christmas 2017 Diptyque have searched the heavens to create this year's limited edition holiday candle collection. Designed as silver inspired mythical creatures by Philippe Baudelocque.

Diptyque Set of three Holiday Candles. £144.00 at Diptyque.

The constellation of the unicorn contains a nebula located at 2600 light-years called the Christmas Tree, the birthplace of sparkling stars. Designed in green embodying harmony and beauty, the unicorn inspired a candle reminiscent of the invigorating scents of the majestic conifers. With the scent of Fir needles, Hinoki wood and mint mixed intimately to compose the rare aromas of lush frosted forests.

Diptyque Frosted Forest Unicorn Christmas Scented Candle. £48.00 at Diptyque.

The enigmatic Phoenix who is reborn from his ashes inspired the blue candle, the colour of immortality. Residing in a fragrant nest covered with leaves and laurels, with bits of cinnamon and Myrrh, beautifully compared to the tears of poets. Inspiring a perfume of incense and Myrrh enhanced by a warm, burning cinnamon.

Diptyque Incense Tears Phoenix Christmas Scented Candle. £48.00 at Diptyque.

Legend speaks of a fight when the goddess Athena grabbed a dragon by the tail, swung it around her head, and then cast it into the heavens among the stars. Guardian of the garden of the Hesperides, the dragon evokes the colour red and the warmth of a fire. Scented with Blood orange from Italy, smokey wood and cloves crackling joyfully in a burning fire.

Diptyque Fiery Orange Dragon Christmas Scented Candle. £48.00 at Diptyque.

Diptyque Mini candles are available. £28.00 each. And the set of 3 mini candles. £82.

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