Thursday, 16 November 2017

American Girl Sells Her Virginity For $2.9million

It's her American dream come true as she can now afford college tuition, buy a house and go travelling. The winner of the auction is from Abu Dhabi.

Giselle describes her hobbies as fitness and shopping, natch. And believes more and more teenagers will sell their virginity. (Well for that price I'm not surprised.)

"I am happy to be part of this new trend, part of the women's movement of recent history."

I'm not sure it's quite what Gloria Steinem would have had in mind for the women's movement.

But Giselle continues that:

"A women's movement that advocates freedom and self-determination of sexuality and finally breaks the taboo about a woman's virginity."

In the Cinderella Agency Giselle is the 40th virgin they've sold, or as they actually say 'they've worked with'. Only 40!!

And Giselle will meet her buyer at a hotel in Germany where Cinderella Agency is based, and where prostitution is legal, and they will have sex with a condom. Cinderella say they will provide security close to the rendez-vous.

Not quite the Cinderella fairy tale I grew up with, she's still a prostitute. But at least she gets a start in life. And to think she waited until she was 19 to sell herself.

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