Thursday, 26 October 2017

Thor: Ragnarok Film Review

If Logan was for your consideration, then Thor: Ragnarok is totally off it's rocker somewhere in the 9 Realms. I saw it yesterday, and directed by Taika Waititi, it managed to pull off the double in that it gave kids a whopper of a superhero movie, as well as giving adults a comedy on steroids.

In all honesty lets say that it's almost two films. You get a superhero storyline and then you get all the comedic outtakes that normally don't make the final cut. But Taiki went the whole 9 yards and you got it all. In a balmy Flash Gordon cheesy camp hallucinogenic fog.

Chris Hemsworth played his rock hard Thor like Kevin in Ghostbusters in this game for a laugh. The God of Thunder with sparks. When he returns to Asgard after severing the head of an underworld demon, he finds Odin is none other than Loki. Naughty Tom Hiddleston. As we remember from Thor: The Dark World's ending. Asgard sure has changed. Foiling Loki's dastardly plan, and ruining the play, Thor forces him to take him to Odin. But the rest home on Earth that Loki sent him to has been demolished!

Fortunately Benedict Cumberbatch's Dr Strange knows where Odin is when the brothers Thor and Loki are brought before the great sorcerer. Along the lines of is it a good idea to bring Loki to Earth given his past history. That sorted they go to Norway and meet Anthony Hopkins's Odin, who tells them Ragnarok, the destruction of Asgard, that Thor thought he had stopped with the killing of the demon, has indeed started. And they have a sister Hela, and she's pissed that Odin banished her years ago. Well she's Cate Blanchett and she's looking pretty fine. A goddess of death who lives up to her name. I bet her boys had fun with Mum in this movie.

Hela takes out Thor's friends, didn't see that coming, but finds a half willing Karl Urban as Skurge, to become her new executioner. She being Odins's when they were friends way back. It's okay ladies Skurge may yet turn out to be good.

While Hela made it to Asgard, Thor and Loki get dropped in a trashcan of a place run by Jeff Goldblum. And it's as wacky as they come. Thor is taken by Tessa Thompson, an Asgard Valkyrie in hiding, to the Grandmaster (Flash??) himself, to be the new gladiatorial challenger. And backstage we have the gladiators organised by Korg, a rockman played by Taika Waititi himself. What a blast. Rock, paper, scissors. My trippy drugs have really kicked in now. Cut it off, cut it off.

And of course we know the champion is Hulk. Mark Ruffalo who bizarrely when he changes back to Bruce Banner has to wear Tony Stark's clothes, including a t-shirt with Duran Duran's Rio album cover on it. What era is this set in? I also picked out The Smiths' How Soon Is Now intro in the music, so maybe we're having an 80's drug fuelled festival. In my head anyway.

Meanwhile back on Asgard Idris Elba's Heimdall, the hero!, is trying to save the Asgardians from Hela's fire. And gives Thor help to get him out of Sakaar. Through The Devil's Anus. Sadly it is true. And to take Hela on, Thor bands together a new team. The Revengers. I kid you not.

Of course Asgard is destroyed and Loki saves the day. I'm kidding this is Thor's film, so you'll just have to wait for the trip to end. There's one easter egg after the credits but it's really for the Grandmaster Flash's fans only, so don't bother waiting. But there was plenty of eye candy for the ladies. What a team of fellas Marvel put together.

In the middle of the film we had a shot of a history long ago when the Valkyries took on Hela. Now there's your movie when we do it one more time for real.

Out now and opens in the US November 3. You'll love it.

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