Sunday, 1 October 2017

Robert Tonner Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Doll

This new Gal Gadot Wonder Woman doll is fantastic by Robert Tonner the doll god.

Wonder Woman has a metal crafted sword and shield which is available separately.

She stands 16" tall with 15 points of articulation and two sets of hands, and is crafted in plastic and vinyl. Made in real materials inclusing a leather skirt and metal armbands and gauntlet. Her lasso of truth is made with a leather handle.

Robert Tonner Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Doll. $225.00 at Robert Tonner.

Wonder Woman Shield & Sword Accessory Pack. $50.00 at Robert Tonner.

Robert said he pored over images of Gal to get Wonder Woman just right. And I think she's gorgeous.

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