Saturday, 28 October 2017

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear S/S 2018

What a stunning collection Nicolas Ghesquière created for Louis Vuitton at last month's Paris Fashion Week. In ornate baroque designs, the frock coats were marched along the runway at the Louvre. Fittingly the original palace of the Kings of France, until Versailles was constructed. And Nicolas has created a collection for kings. Such beautiful embroidery on the coats and waistcoats that would grace the court of Louis XIV. Winsome maids wore gorgeous shift dresses edged in starlight, and sumptuous linen shirts flounced beneath waistcoats. There were supple leathers crafted into hourglass figures and subtle colourful sportswear. Even Stranger Things happened on the runway with that cheeky t-shirt over the billowing sleeves. That was a 70's look we remember. And the silver trousers I loved. Shorts and jeans brought a playful design to soften the Baroque worn with trainers. It was one of the best collections from Nicolas.

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