Sunday, 1 October 2017

Ladybird How It Works: The Sister Ladybird For Grownups Book

The Sisters act Betty and Judy in White Christmas sang about god helping the man who came between me and my sister and god help the sister who comes between me and my man. And of course there is the famous fragrant wisteria sister act Kate and Pippa. Who to be honest really sold herself short in the marriage stakes. Surely there must have been a Prince or Aga Khan just looking to annexe himself to the British royal family. But alas Pippa wed for love and a minor title instead of the riches of a royal family. Lucky Kate hit the jackpot with love and a future title of Queen of England. And now Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris explore everything there is to know about sisters in their new Ladybird for grownups book.

I'm sure we can all add our own nuggets of wisdom but a sister is for life.

Ladybird How It Works: The Sister Ladybird For Grownups Book.

£6.49 at Waterstones and Amazon.

First edition signed by the authors £7.99 at (Available 12 October).

There's a gift right there for you guys.

Published 5 October.

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