Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Happy Death Day Film Review

I saw Happy Death Day this week directed by Christopher Landon. A slasher horror movie with humour that runs on repeats. Theresa played by Jessica Rothe is the sort of character who when she gets killed you think thank god for that, she isn't such a nice person. But every morning is the same one so she gets a fresh attempt to be a better person. Without even realising it.

Nicknamed Tree, Theresa starts the morning in Carter's bedroom, a hook-up from the night before, and played by the exotically named Israel Broussard. It's her birthday, a day she likes to forget, her room mate Ruby Modine has baked her a cupcake, and at the end of the day her Sorority girls have organised a surprise birthday party. Some surprise as she gets murdered on the way. And then wakes up in Carter's room again. And again, with increasingly painful deaths taking their toil on her body. Don't worry there's no blood and gore though.

Her murderer is clad in black sweats and hoodie with the school baby face mask, but she never gets to see his face. Eventually she confides in Carter and he suggests that she make a list of everyone who knows it's her birthday and may want to kill her. The list is long. Although one of the weird things about reliving the same day every day means you can walk naked across campus and no one will remember. Although she doesn't learn how to play piano a la Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. But this is sorority hell and there may be more wrongs put to right over this neverending day.

The surprises keep coming when you think the murderer has been unmasked, and then comes back for more. The actual ending was eventually a little unsurprising and slightly disappointing given the frantic lead up, and the fact that the production company Blumhouse made Get Out and Split which were terrific horror movies.

But even though the movie wasn't particularly scary it was an interesting story by Scott Lobdell with a good cast looking like they were having fun.

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