Saturday, 28 October 2017

Geostorm Film Review

Catching up on the film review for Geostorm, the other superhero film that I saw last week. Directed by Dean Devlin and starring Gerard Butler as Jake the said superhero. Saving the world one storm at a time.

His star meteorologist created a satellite weather system high up in the atmosphere called Dutch Boy. Based at the space station under US control, and intended to prevent global warming destroying the Earth. Except one day one of the satellites goes wrong, and freezes a village in Afghanistan. Sadly Jake was bumped from the program a few years ago, and it's now run by his brother Max, played by Jim Sturgess. They do not get on since the fall out from their last meet. But Ed Harris, Secretary of State under President Andy Garcia, wants Max to bring Jake back on board. Send him up to the space station and sort Dutch Boy out before the mother of all storms; the Geostorm, wipes out the planet.

Initially Jake is unwilling to accept the mission, and definitely does not want to work for Max, but with a little coaxing he heads back up there. And it turns out someone has sabotaged Dutch Boy.

Working with Alexandra Maria Lara, the Commander on board the space station, Jake must work out who it is and how to stop the resulting Geostorm. It goes all the way to the top, so back on Earth brother Max, working with his secret Secret Service girlfriend Abbie Cornish, and computer colleague Dana, played by Zazie Beetz, hack their way through the government files to figure out who wants this environmental disaster so badly. Turns out Afghanistan wasn't a coincidence.

The critics haven't been kind to the movie but if you go along expecting a popcorn movie that's what you'll get. Disaster movies aren't normally Academy Award nomination style movies, they're for half terms, so just roll with it.

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