Monday, 2 October 2017

And The Bride Wore Giambattista Valli

Showing his ready-to-wear today in Paris but here's something Giambattsita Valli made earlier. For Leslie Cohen Amon's wedding to Ronen Chichportich. When only the backdrop of the Palace of Versailles will do this incredible dress justice.

“In my opinion, Giambattista is the best couturier, so there was no question about it.” Leslie presented him with just one request: “He knows I’m a bit rock ’n’ roll and crazy, and I asked for something short because I hate long gowns.” Giambattista’s reply, “To make an haute couture wedding dress is like being a mix between a shrink and a magician. You have to analyze the woman in front of you and make her dreams come true. In Leslie’s case, she didn’t need a shrink,” he says, laughing. “She came to me with the idea of a silhouette inspired from my Spring 2017 Haute Couture collection, a short number with a long train that I customized around her wishes and the occasion.” That customization included a 17th-century French boiserie–inspired needle-and-thread embroidery design on silk organza, subsequently embroidered with a Swarovski crystal ramage de fleurs d’oranger motif on the bodice and accompanied by a 16.5-foot train draped in silk chiffon. “Leslie’s dress was the perfect mirror to her personality,” adds Giambattista. “Her zest for life, open-mindedness, curiosity, individuality, and appreciation for the work of the ateliers created a discussion that resulted in something completely hers: exuberant, bold, clever, and, above all, effortless! It was pure magic.”

Maybe these two were inspiration.

The great man himself.

 Worn with Take a Bow ankle boots customised by the fabulous Fabrizio Viti.

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